Ahmad Tea - Fruitytea - six flavoured teas with fruit pieces - 6x10 Foil Enveloped Teabags

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Ahmad Tea - Fruitytea - six flavoured teas with fruit pieces - 6x10 Foil Enveloped Teabags
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  • Blackcurrant Burst

  • Raspberry Indulgence

  • Blueberry Brilliance

  • Strawberry & Kiwi

  • Lemon & Lime Twist

  • Peach & Passion Fruit

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Blackcourant Burst
A blend of quality black teas, simply bursting with the fresh taste of blackcurrants. Let the sweet taste and rich aroma take you back to fondly-remembered summer picnics.

Raspberry Indulgence
A blend of fine black teas, with a succulent raspberry flavour. A delectable drink which captures the taste of warm, sunny days.

Blueberry Brilliance
A blend of superior green teas combined with the delightful and refreshing flavour of blueberries. With real fruit pieces to give an extra lift.

Strawberry & Kiwi
Exclusive quality green tea with the delightful aroma of strawberry and kiwi fruit. With real fruit pieces for extra taste.

Lemon & Lime Twist
A blend of fine black teas with a twist of lemon and lime to deliver true citrus refreshment. A delightful combination to awaken the senses and highlight the joys of life.

Peach & Passion Fruit
The exotic flavour of peach and passion fruit complement each other perfectly to provide a luxury drink. Wonderful served hot and even better iced.



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Ingredients Blackcurrant Burst: Black tea, flavouring, 2% blackcurrant; Raspberry Indulgence: Black tea, flavouring, 1% raspberry; Blueberry Brilliance: Green tea, flavouring, 1% blueberry; Strawberry & Kiwi: Green tea, flavouring, 1% (strawberry, kiwi); Lemon & Lime Twist: Black tea, flavouring, 1% lemon peel, 1% lime peel; Peach & Passion Fruit: Black tea, flavouring, 1% peach, 1% passion fruit
Quantity of Contents 120g
Best Before 06.06.2021
GTIN (EAN) 054881012720
Country of Manufacture Vereinigte Arabische Emirate
Lieferzeit 1-2 days